Welcome to RZKH - your midrange hoster.

Our data centre features both production and archive hosting for IBM midrange servers in a fully equipped fallout shelter. We provide all services for IBM i servers: hosting, housing, hardware and software service. We also support hosting of IBM AIX and Linux on Power servers.

Our IBM i cloud is located in one of the most safe places in the world: below ground, protected by 3-6 meters of concrete walls. The data centre is linked to the internet with multiple redundant leased lines, beam radio and satellite links.

Hot offers autumn 2018:

  • your private IBM i V7R3 developer environment. Your dedicated logical partition (LPAR) with *SECOFR access, 100GB Disk, 2GB RAM
    => starting at EUR 280.00 monthly (EU residents may need to add local VAT)
  • IBM i production environment (980 CPW, 15 users) with 300GB Disk (dual SAN mirrored), 4GB RAM, including daily backup
    => starting at EUR 749.00 monthly (EU residents may need to add local VAT)