Stories of Success

The situation: A consultant from the southern americas sent an emergency call: His customer is using an old CISC AS/400 built 1991 as a production server. This server failed, no one was able to repair this box. And he found only 5 backup tapes.

Our service: After a short call the consultant took the next flight to germany, where he has been picked up by us. In parallel we grabbed an old AS/400 9402-200 out of our museum and installed OS/400 V3R2. The tapes we received consist of 3 tapes with a system save from 2011, a save of program libraries from 2013 and the nightly backup of the data library.

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We are known since the late 1980s for delivering outstanding support for IBM AS/400- and iSeries-customers in Germany and around the globe. We are specialized in hardware maintenance and replacement, running operations and coding in CL, RPG, Cobol and SQL.

Since 2009, our datacenter is located in our nuclear fallout-shelter from the 1960s, which today helps protecting your storages and machines. As we own the 22.000sqm facility including bunker and exterior buildings, we can protect your data from any catastrophe.

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