We are known since the late 1980s for delivering outstanding support for IBM AS/400- and iSeries-customers in Germany and around the globe. We are specialized in hardware maintenance and replacement, running operations and coding in CL, RPG, Cobol and SQL.

Since 2009, our datacenter is located in our nuclear fallout-shelter from the 1960s, which today helps protecting your storages and machines. As we own the 22.000sqm facility including bunker and exterior buildings, we can protect your data from any catastrophe.

RZKH was founded in 2001 by Holger Scherer, a well-known AS/400 and IBM i expert and frequent COMMON speaker. In 2007, the datacenter moved to Rhineland-Palatinate, a nice region in the midwest of germany; in 2009 we bought the fall-out shelter and moved all systems to a safe location.

Together with affiliates we deliver the whole bandwidth of system support, including Windows, Macintosh and VMWare ESX environments.

Your system environments are carefully operated, and, if necessary, documented according to GMP-compliance standards. By hosting customers from many different fields of economy and administration, we can offer highly qualified experience and may link up customers with each other. Some customers need to store data for 30 years and keep them available and therefor trust our location.

Growing customer demands and a rising number of these lead to a healthy growth. Many tasks are observed and fulfilled by two or more persons.

As being founded by own capital we plan far ahead and like customers who stay long-term and develop a deep relationship between us and their IT-infrastructure.