We serve all your hosting needs - if you want to use the most current IBM i operating system version, or if you are bound to old system software: we are the experts, we have the resources.

Why you should select hosting @ RZKH

  • Best service from people who love IBM i
  • flexible setups, no matter if you need a small and cheap playground or a big redundant environment on newest hardware
  • we can help in any case, even if you need to compile BASIC on V3R2
  • we cooperate with high availability providers to match your 24x7 need
  • fair use on all shared systems. No big $$$ for small works like PTF loading
  • customer satisfaction is our goal.

Hosting is available as single or group accounts on shared systems, or dedicated partitions / hardware with your own operating system instance providing *SECOFR access. We also host customer dedicated machines, either on our hardware, or provided by the customer. Each environment will be monitored and backed up by our personnel using own software to guarantee flexibility and reliability.

We are working with IBM AS/400, iSeries and IBM i since 1988, so we are able to offer best services in hosting, programming and consulting on all your questions. We own a big stock of spare parts and servers, and we also own our own data center bunker. So you will not end at a reseller with some rental rack space, you will work with people who love that system i.

So if you need hosting services for newest Power8 Servers or old CISC Hardware from the 1990s - no problem!
Some examples of scenarios where our hosting solutions will be of help for you:

  • You are a private user or single developer with the need to access a server for learning IBM i programming.
  • You are a group of developers or users spread over the world and you want to work on shared sources, data and programs.
  • You are a corporate user and need to have a copy of your production environment for development and testing.
  • Your production system can be copied in real time to a backup server at our site.
  • You want to run your production software but do not want to hazzle around running your own server.
  • You do not use AS/400 systems any longer but must keep data / programs online for auditing purposes for some more years.


Hosting business is as individual as your needs, so our price list cannot answer all your questions. Please regard all prices as examples for configurations we can offer. If you have different needs for services, resources or performance, please contact us for receiving a detailed quotation.
The following topics should be taken into consideration for creating an offer:

  • Operating system version
  • processing power and performance needs
  • disk capacity and main storage
  • planned usage time frame (we offer from 1 month up to decades!)
  • service levels, reaction time frames, high availability needs
  • additional services like support for your end users etc...

Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call at +49 (6758) 80 48 69-0 if you have questions.